Important Info Regarding Migration to V2 of the Libre Dapp

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4 min readMay 17, 2022


As we gear up to release V2 of our Dapp, there are some important instructions that all users should note in regards to migrating LP tokens. Below are detailed instructions for each chain.

Binance Smart Chain

Please follow the instructions below, for users farming on the BSC network who have LPs in LIBRE pair farms.

To claim your existing V1 rewards, Click on the “Claim V1 Rewards button” This will claim 100% of the $libre rewards to your wallet. (This function will also withdraw 1% of your V1 LPs unwrapped)

Click on the “Migrate to V2 button”. This will remove your LP tokens from the V1 contracts and into LibreSwap. (they will be wrapped as LPs, not unwrapped as separate tokens, this will avoid impermanent loss).

Return to the same farm and click on “Approve LP.” Once you have approved, click on “Deposit LP.” This will deposit your LP tokens into the new V2 farming contracts, you will now be able to continue farming using V2

To remove the LPs entirely and not re-deposit, go to “trade” and click on “liquidity.” The LPs for your pair will be there, you can then click “remove liquidity” to collect the tokens to your wallet. (it is recommended that you migrate to avoid impermanent loss)


Follow the exact same instructions as above!


Disregard step 1 and proceed to steps 2 and 3.

For Polygon users, backlogged rewards will be airdropped to the address you gave in the google form we posted in our Telegram



Rewards are claimable every 7 days by clicking on the “Harvest Rewards” button.

Users can now withdraw LPs on V2 anytime as either wrapped LPs or unwrapped LPs (receive both tokens).

For anyone in NON-LIBRE farms. You can withdraw your LP tokens at any time. Rewards are no longer ongoing for any pair that is not $libre based.

If you are experiencing any issues on any of the chains with deposits or withdraws, most of these issues can be resolved by increasing gas! Go to Edit Suggested Gas fee and toggle to High (for BSC use 7 Gwei). Also when depositing and withdrawing, remove decimals. For example, if you are depositing 10.534 $LIBRE, make it 10, whole numbers work best.

For new users:

If you do not have LP tokens already, you have two options. You can deposit using our single asset entry (deposit one token, automatically wrap LPs and deposit into farms) or if you have both tokens in your wallet, you can click the “get LP button” which will take you to LibreSwap to deposit liquidity. This will then return you LP tokens for farming which you can deposit into the farm of your choice.

For Staking:

Once the V2 Dapp goes live, users must unstake the entirety of their $libre to claim rewards. Click on the “unstake old contract” button. Your $LIBRE tokens will then be sent to your wallet. You can then deposit back to the staking pools by clicking the “details” drop-down menu and “Stake Libre”

To compound your rewards, click on the “Compound Rewards” button. This can be done as often as you’d like.

To claim rewards, click on the “Claim Rewards” button. This will claim your pending rewards to your wallet. This can be done every 7 days.

For all NON Libre pairs

Rewards will no longer be given out for these pairs. You can leave your LPs to continue receiving trading fees. Or you can withdraw them entirely. To withdraw, click on the “Withdraw LP” button in the farm. Then go to “trade” and click on “liquidity.” The LPs for your pair will be there, you can then click “remove liquidity” to collect the tokens to your wallet.

For NFT Boosting

Our updated smart contracts will use 1 NFT from your wallet to pair with LPs (we will take the NFT with the best boost and apply it to the farm for boosted rewards). The range of boost varies depending on the rarity of your NFT (6 being the most rare, 1 being the most common.) Boosts for start at 20% and go to 120% for the most rare NFT.

If you do not have an NFT in your wallet, the “NFT Boost Activated” will be grey. You can mint an NFT at

Thank you sincerely on behalf of the entire Libre team for your patience in getting V2 launched, we appreciate it more than you know!

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