Important Updated Regarding Exploit on May 26th.

We will be airdropping the new token to all of the users who were impacted by the recent events. This will take some time to sort out, and as we’ve mentioned previously, we appreciate the patience in this matter, as this is not an overnight fix.

(please note there have been many questions in the Telegram about what will happen to those who bought after the exploit. There will be some users who will be included in the airdrop, WITHIN REASON, but please again we ask you to bear with us while we sort this all out.) We are again asking you to NOT buy the token on Pancakeswap (that is the only place there is still minimal liquidity since it was locked on launch).

We are asking all users to fill out the forms below with their wallet addresses and emails. Again, we are asking that this be limited to PRE EXPLOIT users. We will be investigating each wallet to ensure that this is the case.

The snapshot will be taken at the block where the exploit happened. For anyone who withdrew after the exploit, we will be referring to the amounts you had staked/farmed at that block height to ensure accurate airdrop numbers.

As previously stated, we are asking users to withdraw from staking and LPs. For any user that does not do this in time, we will be able to match the appropriate airdrop amount by referring to the pre-exploit block.

Below are the forms for each blockchain as well as

For users who were holding their tokens there pre-exploit, it is important that you fill out the form so that we can coordinate with the exchange.





Thank you for your continued support and patience. Please keep up to date in our Telegram channel for pertinent information.



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