Instructions for Spume IDO on August 6th

Redux Protocol
2 min readAug 2, 2022


The Spume IDO is coming up on August 6th on the Redux Protocol platform!

This will be a First Come First Serve IDO. We wanted to keep things as simple as possible for our first IDO, so you can get involved in just a few easy steps!

Please read the instructions below carefully!


You must have at least 500 $RDX tokens staked in the platform

You must pass KYC authentication. You can do this via Blockpass link below:



1. Complete KYC (the earlier the better, KYC is open now).

2. Make sure to purchase and stake at least $500 RDX tokens ($RDX will be trading on Uniswap starting August 3rd. Visit our Telegram channel for details)

3. On the day of the IDO, connect your wallet to the Redux Protocol Dapp.

4. Click on the IDO page. You will find the Spume IDO here.

5. If you have passed KYC and meet the staking requirements, you will see the “Submit Allocation” button. If the button does not appear, that means the IDO is either full, or you do not meet the requirements.

6. Once you click submit you will be able to allocate any amount between $500-$1000 USDT (min. is $500 max is $1000)

7. That’s it! You will receive 50% of your Spume tokens at TGE. The remaining 50% will be distributed over the next 20 days.


Please make sure the wallet you connect for the IDO is the SAME as the wallet that holds your $RDX tokens, and the same wallet you used for your KYC submission.

Make sure you have enough $ETH in your wallet to cover the gas fees.

The IDO will close once a target of $100,000 USDT has been reached. Again, this will be first come first serve so make sure you get there early! We will announce a set time on August 6th that the IDO will open.

Reminder! Nobody from the Redux team will ever DM you first on any platform. Below are the only official links for Redux