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3 min readAug 17, 2022

Redux Protocol and LavaX Labs are excited to announce they will be entering into a strategic partnership.

This partnership will be supported and backed by two of Web3s premier investment groups, Marshland Capital Group and Magnus Digital Assets.

Both funds will offer substantial support to this partnership with the addition of both working capital and significant liquidity provisions to support the project’s long term growth and development. In addition, they will provide us with increased exposure to their vast network of contacts and ecosystems to create future value and growth for our joint communities. One area of specific focus will be to find opportunities to enhance the value and utility of our communities through access to new collaboration partners to engage with via our two platforms. They will also provide advisory services and full stack support for launch projects by providing access to their extensive experience within the crypto space.

Redux and LavaX have worked together in the past, with the former holding its own IDO on the LavaX platform. Moving forward, both launchpads will work in tandem to help fundraise for upcoming IDOs across multiple blockchains. This means double the marketing power, double the development and admin teams, double the community, and most importantly, double the perks!

There will be multiple ways in which $RDX holders will benefit from holding $LAVAX tokens and vice versa. In the near future, we will introduce dual staking mechanisms that will allow holders of both tokens to increase their odds of getting whitelisted for IDOs, increased APYs, and exposure to future product offerings.

During early discussions, both groups made it clear to us that they felt there was a unique opportunity to create a new paradigm in the Defi ecosystem for public community involvement. We’ve seen the expansion of large investments from new traditional venture capital enter the space enlarging project valuations with little to no logic. The value of such projects or ecosystems lack conceptual long term value based upon hype.

We’ve all seen the unraveling of major Defi protocols again driven by greed and controlled by the top ecosystem players who control these entities. We feel it’s time for a change and this can come from public communities with support from venture that want to see ethical and sustainable improvements. One of the core value propositions we wish to focus on with this partnership is to support projects that have tangible ideas and at the very least the early signs of a developing ecosystem.

With the support from these two funds we will be able to focus on finding projects that have at least beta versions of their products available upon launch. There will be a strong emphasis on the tokenomics of projects, with focus upon low risk high reward for loyal users within our communities.

This new structure will enable us to help incubate and develop best of breed projects that have shown strength and resilience during the market downturn rather than pump and dump schemes that have no interest in building anything long term and create risk to retail communities. We are looking at genuine builders with a passion to develop long term sustainable products to enhance the technology landscape.

We are excited to provide further details of the structure and process of how our communities can get involved in a follow up announcement to be posted shortly, please make sure to subscribe to both channels and await further information as it comes out.

About Redux Protocol

Redux Protocol is a Web3 Accelerator and Launchpad operating on the Ethereum Network. Redux provides democratized fundraising opportunities for promising Blockchain projects across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana and more!

About LavaX Labs

LavaX Labs is driving the next generation of #DeFi projects to launch in a fair and decentralized manner across multiple #Blockchains.